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    Hope, love, encouragement, listening, individuality, and God’s grace. What are you hiding from the world? Find solutions at C

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    Buy Writing Verses into Prayers

    Do you want to learn? Turning verses into prayers? How do you do this? Whether you are praying for yourself or others, scriptural praying means praying God's will.

    Buy Planted Flowers Complete Series
    Buy digital or autographed paperback!

    All 6 Christian romantic suspense novels in one! Read through the life stories and changes experience by six women as they grow together in their relationship with God. 

    Customer Testimony

    Even with extreme pain and limited mobility, God used these books to encourage, remind, teach, give hope, and draw me closer to Him. I loved these books!

    I saw parts of my life in them as well as other women, and how to deal with life problems Anna tells(teaches) in these stories. God has used Anna to spur Christians on and draw non-believers to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

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